How to avoid cellulite

The secrets of cellulite

Cellulite is one of the words “dirty” industries in health, fitness or beauty: nobody wants, nobody talks about it and those who suffer are upset because not everyone has the same problem.


Why does some women more than others and why some men have? This is a relatively recent phenomenon that at first seems to be randomly identified with women and, in rare cases, also with some men.

Nobody likes to talk about it, because nobody really knows what it is and how it is formed, this is because the research has been rather vague until recently in what cellulite actually is, research has been unclear what the cause, but finally, recent studies show us what is really happening and what we can do about it.

The fat anywhere in the body is regulated by, metabolic, and hormonal needs. The latter determine if cellulite appears. Hips and thighs are areas that are under the control of hormones on women because they are reserved for pregnancy and lactation 6. Therefore these are the most common review site for cellulite in women and, in rare cases, on men.

Indeed, cellulite is a natural process in the female induced by estrogen hormone.

Is not surprisingly, cellulite is a word so nasty in the industry: we all know that does not seem very good, but now we also know that if you have cellulite, your fat cells are released, have begun to increase and multiplied.

Besides all this we must add that you can have a hormonal imbalance and that your levels of collagen are low, and unless you do something, your body is telling you it’s only going to get worse!

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how to avoid cellulite?

how to avoid cellulite

Step by Step:

1. Drink plenty of water. Daily consumption of 8 glasses of water that can change according to the needs of each person is recommended. Drinking water helps flush out the excess toxins from our body contributing to the disappearance of the fat nodules.

2. Avoiding salt. The salt helps retain fluids in the body so it is not advisable if you suffer from cellulite. To avoid salt not just use little salt in foods, but you have to take special care with snapshots or fast foods, as they often contain too much salt.

3. Consuming fiber. Fiber intake is very important since it helps remove excess residue preventing the body from absorbing. Fiber is a substance found mainly in cereals (whole) and green leafy vegetables.

4. Avoid fat intake. Fat is not only highly fattening but also tends to accumulate toxins which greatly favors the appearance of cellulite. It is important to avoid fats (especially saturated and margarine or butter) and fry.

5. Avoid carbonated drinks. Soft drinks, colas etc. Not only lack nutrients but also contribute to inflate the body and add more toxins emphasizing more cellulite.

6. Avoid pastries and sweets. The pastas, breads and baked goods all contain high percentages of fat and refined flour, which favors the appearance of cellulite. Should eat bread, it should moderate their consumption and non-white.

7. Massage. Massage helps undo the fat nodules while activating the micro circulation and lymphatic drainage. These massages are much more effective if done daily and even with the intervention of a professional, but are also very effective if you make them yourself in combination with creams.

8. Avoid drinking coffee, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, tight clothing and high heel shoes. Physical exercise is essential.